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Frame Methods

These methods are an inseparable part of the frame processor.
exportToFile(const char* pszFileName ) C++, C#, Java ver.1.0
exportToFile(MString mstrFileName ) C++, C#, Java ver.1.51
exportToStream(ostream& out) C++ only ver.1.11
importFromFile(const char* pszFileName) C++, C#, Java ver.1.25
setFrameText(const MString& mstr) C++, C#, Java ver.1.0
char* getAddress() C++ only ver.1.43
long length() C++,C#, Java ver.1.51
operator MString( ) C++ only ver.1.0
char& operator[](const long&) C++ only ver.1.43
MString getClassID( ) C++, C#, Java ver.1.21
MString getObjectID( ) C++, C#, Java ver.1.21
MString getClassName( ) C++, C#, Java ver.1.21
int getCounter() const; C++ only ver.1.56 NEW!!!
virtual void updateFrame() C++ only ver.1.56 NEW!!!
This method is
responsible for
automaticaly slot
update in theframe text.
(see "example01a.cpp")
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