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  XFramer, what is it?

  How it works



  Frame Methods



How it works

Step 1:
Make sure an XFramer is installed and can be accessed. Also make sure, if you use a version lower than 1.48, that the support libraries(MFramer.X and MString.X ) are situated either in the project or (only for C++) in the Standard Include directory.

Step 2:
XFramer programs must be translated into C++ or Java. XFramer will automaticaly recognize the source language.
Example for C++: xframer mycframerprogramm.cpp myprogramm.cpp
Example for C#: xframer myc#framerprogramm.cs myprogramm.cs
Example for Java: xframer

Step 3:
After a XFramer program has been translated into a valid C++ or Java program it can be compiled with the C++ or Java compiler.
Example (in Visual C++): cl myprogramm.cpp
Example for C#: csc myprogramm.cs MFramer.cs M String.cs
Example for Java: javac