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The New Update TraderStar 2.1

On February 18, 2016, we released the new TraderStar2 Update 2.1 with following features:

For all:
  • Unlimited development of indicators by the user
  • 5 new indicators: Moon, Zodiac, HeikinAshi, Aroon, WVA
  • Fixed Shares Suggestion dialog
  • Fixed the web infos that had trouble appearing on screen before

  • TraderStar2
    New Vision, New Look, New TraderStar

    On december 28, 2013, we released the new TraderStar2 with following features:

    For all:
  • Impuls System
  • MetaStock Import
  • Changed Concept for data storing
  • Migration assistant for TraderStar1
  • Changed Visual appearance
  • Changed user indicators Cryptsystem
  • GUI ergonomic changes

  • For free Users:
  • Unlimited user indicators
  • Replacing of left side ad banner with ad splash

  • Mac Users:
  • Mavericks support
  • Retina Support
  • Sandbox
  • Universal Build for older Macs: PowerPC and Intel

  • The New Update TraderStar

    On May 01, 2013, we released the new TraderStar with following features:

  • Small Bugfixes
  • Released the TraderStar Version for PowerPC Mac.
  • Improved the Users and the License Management.
  • The New Update TraderStar

    On juli 12, 2012, we released the new TraderStar with following features:

  • Very important fix for the changed responses from the Yahoo-server, which caused the wrong data interpretation in application.
  • Added the CSV editor which can use to improve the existing data. For more information see our support page.

  • The New TraderStar 1.1

    On November 15, 2011, we released the new TraderStar 1.1 with following features:

  • New engine for historical data retrieval
  • Showing of the current trading price on the chart
  • The new revolutionary Benchmarking tool, which supports the usage of the trading analysis tools.see
  • The capturing and storing of the fundamental data: P/E, PEG, EBITDA etc. see
  • Fundamental filter for the P/E Ratio. see
  • Filter for the DPO-indicator. see
  • Mechanism for protection of the intellectual properties for indicators and strategy developers

  • The next TraderStar-Update 1.0.4

    On Mai 4, 2011, we released the new TraderStar update. This update offers several improvements and enhancements.

    Here are the main ones:

  • Released the TraderStar Linux Version: tested on Ubuntu, Kubuntu, OpenSuSE, CentOS and ASPLinux
  • Maintenance of the main windows position and size
  • fixed the overlapping of the splash screen with "Do you want to know…" dialog occurred sometimes on the TraderStar Start
  • Added the "Pro for Free" Menu item
  • Fixed the broken IndexExpand functionality
  • Localization of the Ad-Bar
  • Added the WikiInvest to the WebInfo
  • Fixed the crashes in the Monitor
  • Added the Chinese Codecs plugin
  • Size optimizations for the MacOSX Program and Installer

  • The next TraderStar-Update 1.0.3

    On January 29, 2011, we released the new TraderStar update. This update offers several improvements and enhancements.

    Here are the main ones:

  • Increased the speed of the JavaScript user indicators evaluation
  • Improved the performance for getting the data from web
  • Added the new functional buttons "Community", "Tell a Friend" and "More Indicators"
  • Extended the WebInfo with "CNBC" web-content
  • Added the waiting animation
  • Added the Splash screen, which stays visible until the TraderStar main window is appear
  • Using of the new dialogs style
  • Increased the range period of input field to 350 for the MA and Median filters
  • Removed the obsolete GUI elements
  • Fixed the crash in the VolumeBreakOut-Filter
  • Fixed automatic update in the Monitor
  • Fixed the crash in the Simulator, occurred if Next or GoLong button was pressed immediately on changing to the Simulator mode
  • The week, month, quartile and year timeframes shows now the last trade date
  • Fixed the graphical garbage on the left corner of chart window, while the CandleGuru was on

  • The next TraderStar-Update 1.0.2

    On October 3, 2010, we released the new TraderStar update. This update offers several improvements and enhancements.

    Here are the main ones:

  • TraderStar is now also available for Mac OS X
  • Added chinese language support

  • Improved the usability of WebInfo:
  • added the option of automatic translation
  • added Zoom In and Zoom Out for web content
  • supported MSN
  • removed the sites that did not supply sufficient information for traders
  • extended the import of MetaTrader files with two modes, Overwrite and Merge
  • added the Chart-Snapshot function
  • implemented data export for Microsoft Excel
  • added the new indicator, Median, which is frequently used in statistics

  • we also added new filters:
  •     Median, based on the Median indicator
  •     Moving Average, based on the EMA indicator
  •     Stochastic, based on the Stochastic indicator

  • Bug fixes

  • TraderStar Update 1.0.1

    Features in Update 07.07.2010:

    1. Import of external data files
    2. Automatic update of historical data
    3. Saving of the last application stat
    4. Improved possibilities for indicator-developers:
         - editor & debugger
         - new features for the indicators
        a) Implemented graphics API for the indicators
        b) Offering the data usage of embedded and
        user definedindicators from other indicators
    5. New features for the indicators
        a) Improved editor software
    6. Bug fixes